Canvas Awnings.

Auto Awnings


Awnings are by far the best way of Reducing the Heat entering your home.

At Geelong Discount Blinds we have Awnings for all your Window Covering needs.

At Geelong Discount Blinds we have Awnings for all your window covering needs.  
The Auto Arm Awning is a traditional awning for windows that can be easily accessed.  
The Auto Arm Awning is operated by pulling down with a pull down stick, The material is under spring tension
to keep it taught with minimal wind movement. But with all awnings common sense is required for Awnings to
be rolled up if strong winds or a storm is approaching.        
The Arm locks into place at any height along the vertical Guide rail at each side, with the Arm standing away 
from the wall when awning is down allowing the breeze to circulate in through an open window.

Canvas Awnings are still the most efective way to to reduce the summer heat in your home.

Our Canvas Awnings are made here in Geelong using the best materials available to ensure trouble free use for many years.

Our entire Awning range is covered by a 5 year warranty. Covering material and components.

We use and recommend Hunter Douglas canvas which is made here in Australia.

We Are Sorry but with health and safety regulations we cannot install Awning on the second floor of homes.